Gartner: Steigerung von Huawei im Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays

Huawei verbessert erneut die Position seines Storage Portfolios im Gartner Magic Quadrant:




Ausführlichere Informationen erhalten Sie im Bericht von Gartner:


Huawei continues to mature as a provider of high-performing, external enterprise storage systems. The Huawei OceanStor series of storage platforms ranges from midrange to high-end. All models in the OceanStor series — 5000V5, 6800V5 and 18000V5 — feature a scale-out architecture and support for multihost, block-and-file protocols. A common OS (OceanStor OS) that implements a strong set of data service features and functions satisfies capacity utilization, replication, performance and security requirements and is shared across the OceanStor series. Huawei continues to release a regular cadence of enhancements strengthening its OceanStor controller-based software support for OpenStack, the public cloud and deployments requiring robust high availability.

Huawei supports its performance claims with published, industry-standard, SPC-1 benchmark results. Designed to meet the needs of specific use-case workloads, the number of controllers, host interfaces, disk drives and memory capacity are the physical attributes that differentiate the three members of the OceanStor series. In addition to the OceanStor family, Huawei has released FusionStorage, an appliance that is based on a new software stack that supportsblock-and-fileprotocols, to address on-premises, hyperscale, private cloud use cases. Huawei strategically engages with a broad range of value-added resellers (VARs), distributors, system integrators (SIs) and cloud-serviced providers to reach the end-user market.


  • In addition to a broad enterprise storage portfolio, Huawei provides a full stack of IT infrastructure solutions, including public cloud services.
  • Available on all OceanStor models, the Huawei HyperMetro mirroring feature provides gateway- free, active-active capabilities between two locations supporting high-availability disaster recovery (DR).
  • Huawei offers flexible acquisition models, including storage as a service (STaaS) offering that enables tiering and replicates data from on-premises infrastructures into the Huawei public cloud.